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Best performance for customization and manufacture
Delicated service
High performance
More reliability
Certified quality
Rich experience
Delicated service
Flexible production planning to meet your request at short notice
High performance
We are familiar with the performance of raw material,specialized in solution optimization
More reliability
Raw material certificated by international Material Data System
Certified quality
Certified with ISO14000 ISO9001 and IATF6949
Rich experience
15 years manufacture experience of screen printing , 3D forming and in mold decoration


Create better components, products, processes and solutions
15 Years in Business,10 years overseas project development experience
Each of our products need to pass the reliability performance test!

WOBO – certified as Shenzhen Hi-tech enterprise was established in March 2004,as a manufacturing company, we focus on quality, constantly high fabrication quality is provided by our modern in-house machinery,

our highly qualified staff and a comprehensive quality assurance system. Standard work flow chart help to create smooth and efficient work processes.

  • 15 Years in Business
    10 years overseas project development experience. Long time cooperation with world TOP 500 companies, BOSCH, Continental ,Marelli.
  • Trusted by customer
    One contact window for all your request. We concentrate on high standards and higer expectation as well as continuously improved and adapted to your everyday requirements.
  • Eco friendly
    Each of our products need to pass the reliability performance test: ROSH, Odor test, TVOC, Flame-Resistance, etc.


2D 3D dial plate, color Printing, IML INS

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